We are indebted to the following people for devoting their time and effort to hep run our programs:

Mathematical Visitors

Role Models


Local Teachers

  • Anna Wold
  • Yolanda Yazzi
  • Duane Yazzi
  • Berlinda Yazza
  • Dwayne Chase
  • Craig Young
  • Justine carryer
  • Brenda Shirley
  • Elmer Williams


  • Shannon Garrison
  • Donna Fernandez
  • Yolanda Flores
  • Ethan Tom
  • Filiberto Vecenti
  • Dudley Fitzgerald
  • Kamile White
  • Liz Fowler
  • Sally Fowler
  • Diana Koss
  • Sophie Koss
  • Kristen McKenzie
  • T.J. Hunter
  • Dana Nez
  • Sharon Nelson
  • Dawnlei Hunter Ben
    Dawnlei Hunter Ben is Red Running Through the water Zuni division (Naash’t’zhi Ta’chii’nii). Born for the Wondering clan (Naakai Dine’e). Her maternal grandparents are Bitter Water clan (To’di’chii’nii). And her paternal grandparents are Big Water (To’di’chii’nii). She is originally from Canyon DeChelly (Tse’yi) and graduated from Window Rock High. She helped us keep organized from 2013 – 2016, and joined our organizers again in 2022.