2022 Math Activities

Hogan via compass

Balloon Numbers

What is the smallest number of balloons you need to make a cube (with exactly one balloon segment per edge?

Help the puppy walk the neighborood

What is the smallest number of times you need to put your pen down to trace each edge exactly once?

Which of these are dog?

Tile Trouble/Golden Ratio

Tiling problems

Grid Math

Grid lesson


Link to all Sierpinski related files is

Falling cat and Rubic’s cube

If something is spinning it will keep spinning (unless a force acts on it.) If something is not spinning it won’t start spinning (unless a force acts on it.) So how does a cat that starts falling without spinning land on its feet?

Hint, do first, do second, undo first, undo second. This pattern is a nice way to make special moves on a Rubic’s cube. Try to solve one face of a Rubic’s cube. Make a pattern with a 5 x 5 grid of Rubic’s cubes. Here is the camp cube Shrek.

Rubik’s Shrek

Week 1 Wrangle

NNMC Wrangle Rules
Wrangle Week 1 Problems

Slides from Darren Harvey

Darren Harvey Presentation

Wall Paper Math

Wallpaper and borders
Small Wallpaper Patterns
Fish Tile

Crack the code

Crack the code
cryptography jokes
Caeser Wheel

Math Magic

Math Magic

Licorish, Pizza, Watermellon

Watermelon Problem

Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzles
Goat River Crossing

Final Wrangle

Final Wrangle Questions