September 30, 2023 Workshop

This workshop took place virtually. If you have questions reach out to us at or 785 473 0273 (call or text).

Professional development credit certificates and stipends were offered for this workshop.

The workshop will feature mathematical activities/explorations led by Dave Auckly, Kim Klinger-Logan, and Matthias Kawski.


Math and Gerrymandering:
There are surprising ways voting can be distorted. One way is by arranging voters into blocks. We’ll explore this in a way that could be shared with students at different levels.

Due to technical difficulties, there is no video for this one.


Jamboard (If you would like to edit/use the Jamboard, please make a copy of the board first and use the copy.):
Link to Gerrymandering Jamboard

other Gerrymandering resources:

Gerrymandering – D. Klein, S. Bowen
The Mathematics and Strategy Behind Gerrymandering – S. Wilson
Digital App – JRMF
Parable of the Polygons
Rig the Election… With Math! – 538
Other Redistricting resources from 538 (including state maps)
Other Redistricting resources from 538 (including state maps)-CO
Countering Gerrymandering – AMS Podcast

Take-away games:
Take-away games supply a wide range of problems suitable for students at all levels. We will play and explore.

Take-Away game collection

Jamboard links (If you would like to edit/use the Jamboard, please make a copy of the board first and use the copy.):

game 2
game 3
game 4

Here is the Xournal file used in this presentation:

Xournal is a free drawing program:
Xournal download page

Light bulbs:
What happens when a group of students turn light switches on and off in stings following different patterns?


Coded sample responses in EXCEL — first use the
template to color on/off as black/white or o/x….

The key code is in cell U4, just cop[y right (CNTRL R after selecting first row)
then one row at a time (CNTRL D after selecting several rows)


W9 form

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