Summer Math Teacher Development Day


July 18, 2015

Tatiana, Amanda, Bob and Dave led sessions and we had a guest presentation by Charles Funkhauser. The activities wer:

  • Walking along Continued fractions — Dave Auckly
  • Counting Diagonals with Tatiana Shubin
  • Boomerang Fractions (a Math Pickle activity from Gordon Hamilton) let by Amanda Serenevy
  • Algebra and Tiles — Dave Auckly
  • K-3 Activities from Math Pickle — Amanda Serenevy
  • Bob Klein — 20 questions via Natasha Rojkovskaia
  • Charles Funkhauser — Native American Culture inspired math activities His website

Download the 20 questions CCSSM connections

Download the 20Question hand-out

Download the Continued fraction walk

Download the Algebraic Equations and Tiles page

Download the 0_Kindergarten_Mastery_Assessments

Download the 1st_Grade_Mastery_Assessments

Download the 1st_Grade_Mastery_Assessments

Download the 2nd_Grade_Mastery_Assessments-small

Download the 3rd_Grade_Mastery_Assessments

Download the Boomerang_Grab_1_Worksheets

Download the Boomerang_Grab_2_Worksheets

Download the Squaring_and_Subtracting_Worksheets

Download the Willie_Wiggle_Worm_Worksheet

Download the Year_Long_Indiana_Standards

Download the 24_Game_Cards

Download the Boomerang_Fractions

Download the Four_4s_Lesson_Plan

Download the Four_4s_Solutions

Download the RepTiles lesson plan

Download the Rep-Tile Samples

Sample of student work sample of student work