Amanda Serenevy and Tatiana Shubin’s Spring 2015 School Visits

Math Handouts

Amanda and Tatiana visited a number of schools in March, including:
Navajo Pine High School, Tse’hoot’soi Middle School, Window Rock High School, Kayenta High School, and Many Farms High School. On this visit they led the following activities:

  • Intersection Math – One of the many nice activities created by James Tanton.
  • Rational Tangles – A common Math Circle activity based on a presentation the John Conway used to give.
  • Didget Fidgets – An activity on decimal expansions by Sam Vandervelde.
  • Tiling Problems – A classic math outreach activity.
  • Nim Games and Dot Designs – An Activity by Amanda Sernevey.
  • Fibonacci Tiling Patterns – Another classic.
  • Orbit Stabilizer Theorem
  • Distances – An activity by Tatiana Shubin

Hand-outs may be found below.

Download the jtantonintersectionmath

Download the Tiling PDF

Download the tangle PDF

Download the Digit Fidgets PDF

Download the Nim_Games PDF

Download the Distances PDF

Download the Orbit_Stabilizer_Theorem_ChartPDF

and Orbit_Stabilizer_Theorem_Chart_Answer_Key